Israeli spokesman praises Medi1 Radio for calling a Palestinian operation «terrorist»

After it published an article in which it described a Palestinian operation against Israeli soldiers as «terrorist», the Israel Defense Forces' spokesperson commended Medi1 Radio in a Facebook post. The Morccan radio channel was slammed by a Moroccan anti-normalization organization.

Avichay Adraee, a Lieutenant Colonel in the Israel Defense Forces who serves as the head of the Arab media division of the IDF Spokesperson's Unit./Ph. DR
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The head of the Arab media division of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Avichav Ardaee published, Sunday, a Facebook post hailing a report in which Moroccan broadcaster Medi1 radio described an operation led by a Palestinian man as a «terrorist attack». 

Starting his Facebook post with an Arabic proverb, the Israeli Lieutenant Colonel wrote that, indeed, the «operation was a cowardly terrorist attack and that the man who carried it is a despicable terrorist who will be held accountable sooner or later».

On Sunday, March the 17th, reports suggested that a Palestinian man killed an Israeli soldier in the occupied West Bank and wounded two others, with a rifle.

The incident took place in an intersection near Ariel, where the Palestinian man «fired at three vehicles, hitting a civilian», Reuters said, quoting the Israeli military. According to the same source, the Palestinian man is still on the run, adding that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told reporters : «security forces are pursuing the attackers. I am certain they will be apprehended».

Slammed by an anti-normalization observatory 

On its website, Medi1 Radio published an article, describing the attack as a «terrorist» one. Entitled «A Palestinian man kills an Israeli in ‘terrorist attack’ in the occupied West Bank», the story was later deleted after it’s publishing.

Reacting to that, the Moroccan observatory against Normalization denounced the way in which the Moroccan radio station, based in Tangier, dealt with the report.

In a Facebook post, the Moroccan observatory urged the High Authority of Audiovisual Authority (HACA) and the Moroccan parliament to interfere and question the content broadcast and published by public and semi-public channels.

In a statement published on the same day, the anti-normalization organization said that what was published is «a terror act committed by Medi1 Radio, as it referred to the Palestinian resistance as terrorist».

Condemning Medi1 Radio’s publication, the organization accused the broadcaster of «hailing the Israeli occupation of Palestine». Yabiladi couldn’t reach Medi1 Radio for further comments.

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