Netherlands : Authorities fear riots in Urk after a Moroccan-Dutch family was attacked by mob

After a Moroccan-Dutch family was attacked by a group of young people, authorities in a Dutch fishing town warned against new clashes.

The city of Urk, in central Netherlands./Ph. DR
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The inhabitants of Urk, a small town in the Flevoland province in central Holland, have been worried about a series of riots that wrecked their city in the last couple of days, reports Dutch daily De Telegraaf.

Several Moroccan-Dutch youngsters were stopped at police checkpoints, the same source said, after they were suspected to trying to avenge a Moroccan-Dutch family that was attacked by mob last week.

On Friday, around 35 cars were prevented from entering the city. During searches, authorities arrested four armed people who were planning to avenge the Boukhizzou family. Although a police spokesman said that everything «was under control», an agent told De Telegraaf that there is «a rising threat».

«Avenging the Moroccan-Dutch family»

These security measures were taken after a message was published on social media, announcing that «hundreds of angered Moroccans from all over the country would avenge the cowardly attack against the Moroccan-Dutch family», reports De Stentor.

The Facebook post referred to an attack that took place last week in the small city. In fact, reports suggested that a group of young people surrounded the house of the Boukhizzou family, slightly injuring the 36-year-old mother, her son Soufyan and her daughter.

The mob was involved in riotous actions that took place on the same day, before the police restored order using batons and dogs. The troublemakers threw stones and fireworks on the Boukhizzou’s house and chanted «Geerte Wilders», referring to the Dutch politician who was accused of «discriminating against Moroccans» in the past.

Commenting on the incident, the city’s mayor Pieter van Maaren said that what happened to the Dutch-Moroccan family is «completely unactable».

For the record, this is not the first time that the young Moroccan man gets through a similar attack. Two years ago, 18-year-old Soufyan was «beaten up» by a group of youngsters and he reported that to the police. The same source indicated that cause of the attack is still unclear.

According to Dutch media, five suspects were arrested in the days that followed the attack.  Three of the arrestees will appear in court in June.

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