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Morocco to sue Souad Sbai for linking Imane Fadil’s death to its embassy in Italy

Moroccan journalist and politician Souad Sbai./Ph. DR
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The Moroccan embassy in Rome announced, Monday, in a communiqué relayed by Le360, that it is suing Moroccan lawmaker and activist Souad Sbai, for linking the mysterious death of Moroccan model Imane Fadil to Rabat.

Commenting on poisoning allegations that followed the death of Fadil, a key witness in Italian former Prime Minister’s «bunga bunga» trial, Sbai told Italian newspaper La Repubblica that the Moroccan embassy in Italy might have been «behind Fadil’s alleged poisoning».

The interview entitled «Per la morte di Imane Fadil seguite la pista marocchina, loro sanno come si usa il veleno» (For the death of Imane Fadil consider the Moroccan track, they know how to use poison», Sbai said that «Fadil knew too much. She decided to step back and they killed her».

Sbai stressed that what happened to Fadil is similar to the stories of «many other beautiful girls, who visited [our] embassy (Moroccan) frequently. It is there where they should look for answers», argued the 58-year-old journalist who heads the Moroccan Women Association in Italy.

The Moroccan embassy refused Sbai's «accusations», stating that they are «defamatory and false statements». The diplomatic mission stressed that it is following closely the case of Moroccan model Imane Fadil.

For the record, the Moroccan-born woman died on March the 1st, after she was admitted to a hospital in Milan. Before her death, Fadil told her family and lawyer that she may have been poisoned.

Two weeks after her death, Milan prosecutor said that high levels of heavy metals were found in the body of Fadil, including cadmium and antimony. The model’s body will undergo autopsy on Wednesday.

Imane is famous for being one of the three women who said that Silvio Berlusconi's «bunga bunga» gatherings in his villa near Milan were sordid sex parties.

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