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Christchurch terror attack’s graphic video was viewed 4,000 times Facebook deleted it

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The original live video filmed and shared by the Christchurch attacks’ terrorist was watched 4,000 times before Facebook deleted it, the social media platform said.

The footage which depicted the terrorist attack, showing the Australian terrorist opening fire on Muslim worshippers, was reported to Facebook only 12 minutes after the live stream ended, reports BBC.

After it was removed by Facebook, the 17-minute video kept surfacing on the social media platform. A copy of the footage, which was watched by 200 people live, was «placed on alt-right file sharing site 8chan».

In 24 hours only, Facebook «blocked 1.2 million copies at the point of upload and deleted another 300,000», the same source said.

Despite this measure, Facebook users edited copies of the video and uploaded them to the platform, which was hard to spot and monitor.

«We continue to work around the clock to prevent this content from appearing on our site, using a combination of technology and people», Facebook vice-president Chris Sonderby said in a post published Monday.

Following the Christchurch terror attack, which killed 50 people and injured 50 others, politicians and leaders urged social media platforms to be more cautious with graphic and extremist content posted on their platforms.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said criticized social media, stressing that «they are the publisher not just the postman».

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