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Venezuela’s self-declared president appoints a new ambassador to Morocco

Venezuela's new ambassador to Morocco Jose Ignacio Guedez./Ph. DR
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The National Assembly of Venezuela, presided by self-declared President Juan Guaido, announced, Tuesday, in a plenary session the name of Caracas’ new ambassador to Morocco.

Venezuala’s newly appointed ambassador to the Kingdom is Jose Ignacio Guedez, Secretary General of the Venezuelan party La Causa R, a left-wing political formation. Born in 1977, Guedez is a lawyer, specialized in governance and political management.

He was part of the Venezuelan opposition delegation which, in 2017, received the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought, awarded each year by the European Parliament. In the same year, he became Secretary of the Venezuelan National Assembly, before his party withdrew from the parliamentary alliance in 2018.

Guedez was appointed alongside other diplomats, assigned missions in the United Kingdom, Hungary, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Poland. In a statement issued, Tuesday, the National Assembly explained that these are in accordance with the country’s Constitution.

For the record, Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido said in a phone call with Moroccan Foreign Affairs Minister Nasser Bourita, on January the 29th, that he wants to establish «open, solid and extended», ties with the Kingdom.

In February, Morocco’s ambassador to Peru and a Caracas’ diplomatic representative met in Lima, where they discussed ways to strengthen diplomatic relations.

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