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Police in Italy search the house of an Italian man, after his Moroccan wife went missing for 17 years

Samira Sbiaa, a Moroccan woman who went missing in Italy for 17 years./Ph. DR
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Police in the town of Settimo Torinese, a few kilometers away from Turin, searched a house, Thursday, to try to find the body of Moroccan national Samira Sbiaa, who went missing in mysterious circumstance in 2002.

Despite the worries of her family living in Morocco, her husband Salvatore Caruso has never reported her disappearance. In mid-February, women’s rights association Asti revealed the disappearance of Samira Sbiaa.  

According to Italian newspaper La Repubblica, the police started their investigation by looking in the house of Salvatore Casuro, who is suspected of being behind Sbiaa’s disappearance. Initial searches revealed that there are signs of human remains in the man’s place.

According to Ivrea's prosecutor, Giuseppe Ferrando, «additional scientific tests» will be carried out, and authorities will focus primarily on the ground floor.

Indeed, this process will require time given the state of the house, which is «very crowded with household items, even requiring intervention from the municipality and local health authorities».

According to La Repubblica, the couple met in Morocco through a relative, before getting married in 2000 and moving to Italy.

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