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A former Spanish officer alleges that the Madrid train bombing was planned in a Betz castle

The castle of King Mohammed VI in France./Ph. DR
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«The 2004 Madrid train bombings were plotted in a castle that belongs to King Mohammed VI, 80 kilometers away from Paris, Villarejo told the judge», is the title of an article published, Friday, on Spanish newspaper El Espanol.

The former Spanish officer José Villajero, currently held in prison, has sent a document to the judge at the Spanish Supreme Court, in which he alleges that all documents backing his accusations are in the hands of the National Intelligence Centre (CNI), the Spanish intelligence agency.

The retired officer explained that «after the Perejil incident (…) contacts were established between French and Moroccan agents», and many of these meetings «took place in the castle owned by Mohammed VI, in Betz». The Spanish intelligence services «gathered information on these meetings», the same source added.

For the record, the 2004 Madrid train bombings targeted the Cercanias commuter train system of Madrid, Spain, on March the 11th. The explosions killed 193 people and injured around 2,000.

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