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Rabat : Police disperse a teachers’ protest using water cannons

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On Saturday night, thousands of teachers protesting against contracts on which they have been hired were met with water cannons used by the police to disperse protests in Rabat.

The rally, which started as a march, was finally turned into a large sit-in in front of the Parliament, before police intervened injuring several teachers, Alyaoum24 reports.

Saturday afternoon, in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research, five trade unions in addition to the National Coordinator of contract teachers started a march at 5 pm.

At dusk, the young teachers gathered in the same way of the camps they have already set up in front of the regional academies of several cities, which resulted in chases until the first hours of the day in the neighboring avenues.

This Sunday morning, a new march was held smoothly, at the initiative of the call of the Moroccan Coalition for the Defense of Public Education, which brings together unions, teachers’ societies and associations against the law on education and against the privatization of its public sector, which attracted an even larger amount of protesters.

AFP recalls that on February 20, another demonstration of the contract workers was violently dispersed resulting in several injuries.

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