A Dutch Ministry hails a school for suspending a teacher who insulted Prophet Mohammed

Dutch Minister for Primary and Secondary Education and Media Arie Slob./Ph. DR
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Dutch Minister for Primary and Secondary Education and Media Arie Slob has said that the suspension of the teacher who insulted Prophet Mohammed is «understandable», Dutch daily De Volkskrant reports.

In a written parliamentary response, the minister stated that «an inspection commission visited the school after the suspension and addressed the board of directors, management, teachers, and students». According to the same source, the commission that inspected the decision, under the auspices of the Ministry, considered that it was «understandable».

The teacher's lawyer at Hoofdvaart College (Amsterdam) described the minister's statements as «extremely negligent», as his client was not heard during the inspection.

Contacted by the Dutch daily, a spokesman for the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education and Media said «there is nothing to add», as this case remains «a problem between the employer and his employee».

For the record, the school explained that the teacher had, reportedly, «spoken to these students about Islam and Prophet Mohammed». He allegedly «acknowledged that he told a student that Prophet Mohammed was married to an eight-year-old girl».

He added that «in the Netherlands, an adult man who marries an eight-year-old girl is considered a pedophile», the same source added.

The teacher’s statement was made on January the 21st in front of a Moroccan-Dutch student. The latter whispered in his classmate’s ear saying that «his mother thinks that this man is haram». The teacher responded saying that «if your mother really thinks that, I am ready to talk to her».

The teacher denied having said that. «I have nothing against Muslims. I do not want to insult them», he said, recalling that his «uncle is Moroccan» and that he «respects other religions».

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