Western Sahara : The Marrakech conference supports the UN-led process and the AU Troika

The African Ministerial conference in Marrakech./Ph. DR
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The African Ministerial conference held, Monday, in Marrakech adopted a final declaration at the end of the meeting, attended by 36 African delegations.

The document signed by the African representatives who attended the meeting agreed to implement the vision set by the 31st African Union summit, held on 1 and 2 July 2018 in Nouakchott.

Attendees, welcomed the «adoption of resolution 693», which urged the continental organization to delete reference to Western Sahara in the AU Peace and Security Council’s report and assigned a troika of heads of state to report directly to AU assembly.

The states also agreed to respect and the spirit of the resolution and help the African Union Troika protect, support and preserve the ongoing political process led by the United Nations.

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