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A Moroccan father expelled «illegally» from Spain, his lawyers say

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The lawyers of a Moroccan father, who lives in Spain with his family denounced his expulsion, reports Spanish news agency EFE.

Settled down in Alcala de Xivert (northern Spain) since 2014, the father of two girls aged 7 and 5 and a two-year-old child was sentenced in 2016 to three years in prison for selling cocaine. In the same year, a court in Teruel ordered his expulsion from the Spanish territory.

However, this decision was not executed until 2019. The family and its lawyers learned with amazement that the Moroccan man was driven in a car to Algeciras, on March 9th. They believe that his expulsion is illegal, since it has not been operated within the first two years, in accordance with the Spanish laws. Moreover, the lawyers of the Moroccan father had asked the authorities to cancel his expulsion. A request that has not yet been answered.

His lawyers believe that it is a violation of human rights. Sources in the Valencian government delegation told the Spanish agency that the expulsion was dictated following the accused's request.

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