Imane Fadil was threatened by other «bunga bunga» girls, her former lawyer said

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Moroccan model Imane Fadil, who died on March the 1st in Milan./Ph. DR

The former lawyer of Imane Fadil, a Moroccan model who died March the 1st in suspicious circumstances, told media that investigators must consider the threats his former client received in the past, Italian newspaper Affaritaliani reports

To answer questions related to her mysterious death, Paolo Sevesi who stopped defending the 34-year-old model, said that Fadil underwent «pressure» and was threatened by girls involved in the former Prime Minister’s scandal, since the beginning of the «bunga bunga» trial.

Sevesi who was replaced by the lawyer of Imane Fadil’s brother said that «these are things that Imane has said publicly in 2015».

Imane Fadil, who told her family and former lawyer days before her death that she fears being poisoned, is expected to undergo autopsy this afternoon. After tests revealed that she had high levels of heavy metals in her body, other findings released last week excluded the fact that she might have been poisoned with radioactive substances.

These results, however, do not exclude the fact that the model might have died because of a rare autoimmune disease, Italian media said.

For the record, Milan’s prosecutor opened an investigation to answer questions, regarding the «mysterious» death of the model.

Imane Fadil was one of three young women who said that Silvio Berlusconi's «bunga bunga» gatherings in his villa near Milan were sordid sex parties.

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