Spain discovers the remains of 200 soldiers who fought against Almohad troops in 1195

The Alarcos Castle in Spain./Ph. DR
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The University of Castilla–La Mancha has announced that it completed an excavation at Alarcos Castle, which was home to a battle between Spanish troops and Almohads.

Scientists discovered the remains of 200 soldiers, in the archaeological site, who are believed to have fought against Almohad troops, El Pais reports.

Excavations in the small village of Alarcos had begun in 1984. The remains of those who were killed during the battle, dubbed the «Alarcos disaster» (July 19, 1195) by the Spaniards, will be studied, the same source said.  

800 years ago, Almohad troops won a decisive victory against the Castilian army of King Alfonso VIII. The battle took place near the castle in question. Currently, Alarcos Castle is home to an archaeological park.

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