An alleged socialite scammer spends a lavish vacation in Morocco, without paying for it

Pretending to be an influencer, alleged socialite scammer Anna Delvey spent a luxurious vacation in Marrakech in 2017. During her trip to Morocco, the fake German heiress, who accused of grand larceny, made a Vanity Fair editor pay for her expenses, without fully paying her back.

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Anna Delvey, a Russian-German socialite and alleged scammer./Ph. DR

She is a German-Russian socialite who has been leading a double life for years. For those who really know her, she is broke 27-year-old girl who wants to «fake it until she makes it», but for those she scammed, she is German heiress who likes to spend lavish vacations in Morocco.

The trial of Anna Sorokin, also known as Anna Delvey, started, Wednesday, in New York City, where she rubbed shoulders with a rich and famous entourage. The Russia-born woman is accused of grand larceny and alleged scamming of banks and wealthy friends.

During the trial, attended by American newspaper the Insider, prosecutors spotlighted Delvey’s luxurious trip to Morocco, during which she allegedly «scammed a Vanity Fair photography editor».

The La Mamounia lavish stay

Assistant District Attorney Keagan Marie Mays-Williams said that the «fake rich» woman pretended that she was an influencer, when she visited Marrakech in 2017 with the Vanity Fair editor Rachel Williams, a friend, and her personal trainer, the Insider reports.

Mays-Williams told jury that Delvey «booked at La Mamounia», a palatial hotel in Marrakech. In the Kingdom, the young girl planned a lavish vacation, renting one of the villas operated by the luxurious hotel. Along with her «friends», Delvey stayed in the «traditional riad for approximately $6,000 per night».

«The riad is one of the four private accommodations located upon the hotel’s grounds», the Assistant District Attorney said, adding that the La Mamounia villa «has a private pool, its own butler, and all the extravagance fit for a Kardashian».

And as a Kardashian, indeed, Delvey insisted to benefit from all the activities the hotel had to offer. According to Rachel Williams, the two girls «took private tennis lessons and ate breakfast poolside; during breaks, a butler delivered fresh watermelon and bottles of rosé», the same source revealed.

«We roamed the gardens, relaxed in the hammam, swam in our villa’s private pool, took a tour of the wine cellar, and ate dinner to the intoxicating rhythms of live Moroccan music, before capping our night with cocktails in the jazzy Churchill bar», wrote Williams in an article she wrote after her trip to Marrakech.

An alleged scammer and fake heiress

But unlike a Kardashian, Delvey was too broke to afford the «very expensive» vacation she spent in Morocco. According to Williams, when Anna Delvey had to pay for her stay in La Mamounia, she «pretended» that her credit card was not functioning.

The «German heiress» then asked Williams to pay for her expenses. According to her Vanity Fair article, Williams paid $70,000, expecting that Delvey would pay her back, which never took place. In fact, Williams received only $5,000 from Delvey, who was charged with grand larceny in 2017.

Williams, who is expected to testify in Delvey’s trial, did not know that her «wealthy» friend with whom she vacationed in Morocco, had a criminal record. The «fake heiress» could face 15 years in jail if found guilty on grand larceny charges.

Despite her problems with justice, Delvey might become more famous. According to the Insider, American actress, writer and director Lena Dunham is planning to adapt the article on Vanity Fair about Delvey and Williams’ trip to Marrakech for HBO, an American premium cable and satellite television network.

Meanwhile, American TV producer Shonda Rhimes is adapting another story on New York Magazine about Delvey for American media-services provider Netflix.

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