MEPs urge Morocco in a letter to release all Hirak detainees

Hirak figure Nasser Zefzafi./Ph. DR
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In a letter addressed to the Moroccan Minister of Justice Mohamed Aujar, Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) urged the Moroccan government to put an end to the «suffering» of Hirak leading figure, Nasser Zefzafi.

Sent on April the 3rd, the letter signed by 24 MEPs and a member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, referred to the «situation of imprisoned activists of the Hirak», calling for the immediate release of all prisoners.

Moreover, MEPs raised concern about the «conditions of imprisonment of all activists of the popular movement of the Rif, especially Nasser Zefzafi», stressing that his «state of health has seriously deteriorated in recent weeks».

MEPs indicated in their letter that they have been informed about the sufferings of Hirak detainees’ families, which find it difficult to attend the court in Casablanca.

They have also urged the Moroccan Minister to «promote dialogue between all parties involved in order to improve the situation in the Rif».

This letter comes as Hirak activists are expected to be in court, Friday, April the 5th. The Casablanca Appeal court is set to pronounce its verdict, on the same day, in connection to Hirak activists who received an initial trial in June, 2018.

Indeed, on June the 26th, 2018, Nasser Zefzafi was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Other Hirak activists, including Nabil Ahamjik, Ouassim Boustati and Samir Ighid received the same sentence.

Adehchour, Mohamed Haki and Mohamed Bouhennouch were sentenced to 15 years in prison while Mohamed Jelloul and Rachid Aamarouch among others will serve ten years in prison.

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