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Hashish brought from Morocco to Madrid contains alarming amounts of fecal matter

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Scientists have found that cannabis resin brought to the streets of Madrid from Morocco is contaminated. A study titled «Cannabis resin in the region of Madrid : Adulteration and contamination» and published in the journal Forensic Science International revealed that hashish sold in Madrid contains «high levels of fecal matter».

According to the same study, quoted by the Epoch Times, almost «75 percent» of Madrid’s cannabis is «unsuitable for consumption due to contamination with E. coli», bacteria that normally live in the intestines of healthy people and animals.

The dangerous samples found in cannabis resin are harmful for those who comsume it and smugglers who swallow it, the same source said.

«The majority of the hash sold in the Madrid region is not apt for human consumption, mainly due to microbiological criteria, and it represents a danger for health», argued the study.

Contamination is due to the hygienic conditions in which hashish is treated, revealed the study referring to smugglers.

«The quantities of bacteria that we found are appalling. The problem is not just inhalation. Hashish is constantly manipulated [by users] with their hands», co-author of the study and biologist Inmaculada Santos-Álvarez told El Pais.

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