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A Muslim fashion exhibition creates controversy in Germany

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«Contemporary Muslim Fashions», an exhibition dedicated to Muslim women and their fashion, is opening soon in Frankfurt, Germany, where it had already stirred controversy, French weekly Le Point reports.

After it was shown at the M.H. de Young Memorial Museum in San Francisco, the exhibition has been making headlines in Germany days before its opening.

In an article entitled «Tolerance makes us blind», German platform Frankfurter Allgemeine slammed the exhibition for «depoliticizing clothes» and that it is not just about «fashion». «Adopting the Western lifestyle, they tend to question, those who defend cultural diversity like to claim that it is just different from what is happening here, and not bad», the same source wrote.  

«The exhibition focuses on a type of fashionable and modest dresses to show the range of choices available for many Muslim women», says the curator of the exhibition, Jill D'Alessandro.

«There are those who believe that there is no fashion at all among Muslim women, but the opposite is true, with modern, vibrant, and extraordinary fashion scenes, particularly in many Muslim-majority countries», Max Hollein, former FAMSF director and CEO, told the same source.

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