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Moroccan international player Hamza Mendyl punished by Schakle for disciplinary reasons

Moroccan international player Hamza Mendyl./ Ph. DR
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Moroccan footballer Hamza Mendyl was downgraded by his club, joining Schakle’s under-23 team for disciplinary problems, BBC reported.

The exact reasons why Mendyl was sent to Schakle’s under-23 team were not revealed by the German club’s interim coach Huub Stevens, the same source added.

«Everybody gets a second chance. For Hamza Mendyl it's a disciplinary measure that he is currently training with the U23. But he too can open the door again», Stevens told the same source.

In October, 2018, Mendyl was suspended after receiving five yellow cards in the last appearances he made with the German club.

The decision did not surprise his manager Christian Heidel, at the time, especially as Mendyl «plays in the same style he had in Lille» and is «only 21 years old».

The 21-year-old player left the French club Lille OSC last August, where he has been playing as a left-back since 2017 for a five-year contract with Germany's Schalke 04, where his compatriot Amine Harit plays.

Born on October 21, 1997 in Casablanca, the Moroccan-Ivorian player made headlines after the match of Morocco and Comoros, where he insulted a fan who commented on his playing skills. Mendyl finally apologized for his behavior on his social media accounts.

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