Hirak : Nasser Zefzafi and Mohamed El Haki sew their lips to protest against their situation

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From their prison cells in Casablanca’s Oukacha, Hirak detainees Nasser Zefzafi and Mohamed El Haki who had their sentences upheld by the Appeals court on Friday, sewed their lips, Monday, to protest against their situation behind the bars.

This was confirmed by Hirak lawyer Mohamed Aghnaj, who was able to visit Nabil Ahamjik, Mohamed Jelloul, Karim Amghar, Salah Lechkham and Mahmoud Bouhnouch, other Hirak activists in the Oukacha prison.

Mohamed Ahamjik, Nabil's brother who is sentenced to 20 years in prison, said that Nabil told him that he started a hunger strike to protest against their sentences.

Rabii Al Ablaq's brother, Abdellatif, said on his Facebook that detainees are annoyed by the situation in prison, where phones are guarded by at least ten people.

These measures come three days after the Casablanca Appeals Court upheld prison sentences against Hirak activists.

For the record, sentences ranging from 20 years to one year in prison were handed down on June the 26th, 2018, by the same court to Hirak detainees, including Nasser Zefzafi.

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