Imane Fadil’s death : A bunga bunga parties’ attendee says she received death threats

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Moroccan-born model Imane Fadil in court./ Ph. DR

«A person told me, and told other girls, that one sting is able to end it», Marysthell Polanco, one of the women who used to attend the bunga bunga parties hosted by former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, recalled when asked by investigators looking into the mysterious death of Moroccan model Imane Fadil.

According to Italian newspaper Il Secolo XIX, less than a month ago, prosecutors in Milan summoned the Dominican woman living in Italy to ask her questions related to the death Imane Fadil, one of the key witnesses in the bunga bunga parties’ case.

When prosecutor Francesco Greco told reporters about Fadil's death, speaking of «alleged poisoning», on March 15, investigators heard Polanco, who said that she was once threatened by an individual. The media reports that Barbara Guerra, also involved in the «Ruby trial», was also heard in the investigation and seemed «scared».

On March 26, after further investigation, the radioactivity in the organs of Imane Fadil, who died on March 1st, was ruled out while the results of an extended autopsy have not been revealed yet.

Investigators are considering two hypotheses : heavy metals poisoning or a «natural death due to a very rare disease» Il Secolo XIX reported. They must also determine why «traces» of radioactivity appeared after the result of a test sent to prosecutors on March 12, concludes the media.

For the record, Imane Fadil died after being admitted to a hospital in Milan a month earlier. Before her death, the ex-model, of Moroccan origin, told her family and her lawyer that she may have been poisoned.

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