Authorities use water cannons to disperse protesting teachers

Authorities disperse teachers in Rabat. / Ph. DR
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To disperse thousands of young teachers, authorities made use of water cannons, Thursday, in Rabat, witnesses told Reuters.

Speaking to one of the organizers, the same source revealed that 65 teachers were injured and one of them «got seriously wounded». Police dispersed protestors after they tried to camp in front of the parliament.

These protesting teachers, who have been hired on renewable contracts, want the Ministry of education to put an end to «renewable contracts» to benefit from «civil service benefits» and «retirement pension».

Teachers have been hitting the streets for months to «better their situation». Replying to protests, Education Minister Said Amzazi said that he would fire teachers if they don’t return to classrooms.

«55,000 teachers out of 240,000 have been hired on renewable contracts» since 2016, the same source indicated. On Wednesday, police dispersed protesting teachers using water cannons and injuring 69.

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