Morocco ranked eighth in Africa by the Good Country Index

Morocco is one of the countries that were included in the 2019 edition of the Good Country Index, developed by British political advisor Simon Anholt. The Kingdom was ranked 77th out of 153 countries and 4th in the Arab World.

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The city of Casablanca, Morocco. / Ph. DR

Morocco was ranked 77th out of 153 countries by the Good Country Index, a report developed by British independent policy advisor Simon Anholt to measure how much states contribute to the plant and to the human race through their policies and behaviors.

Made public earlier in April, the Good Country Index relies on data generated by the United Nations. These data points, compiled by the index, are used to rank countries through seven categories, including science and technology, culture, planet and climate, prosperity and equality and health and wellbeing. «Countries receive scores on each indicator as a fractional rank relative to all countries for which data is available», the authors of the report indicated.

Indeed, Morocco was ranked 129th in the World Order category and 105th in the International Peace and Security sub-index. Moreover, the Kingdom was ranked 100th for the Planet and Climate category and 82nd for Culture. The North African country performed better in the Health and Wellbeing, Science and Technology and Prosperity and Equality sub-indexes, ranking 61st, 47th and 37th respectively.

Ranked second in North Africa and fourth in fourth in the Arab World

In Africa, Morocco was ranked 8th behind South Africa, which tops the list of African countries, Mauritius, Kenya, Uganda, Tunisia, Malawi and Senegal. In the Arab World, Morocco is ranked fourth, behind the United Arab Emirates, 52nd in the world, Tunisia and Kuwait.

The global ranking was topped by Finland 1st, the Netherlands 2nd, Ireland 3rd, Sweden 4th and Germany 5th. On the other hand, Iraq, Libya, Mauritania, Yemen and Suriname were at the bottom of the Good Country Index’s ranking.

According to the authors of the report, the idea behind this index is not «making moral judgments about countries». «What we mean by a Good Country is something much simpler: it’s a country that contributes to the greater good of humanity», the same source said, adding that «a country that serves the interests of its own people, but without harming - and preferably by advancing - the interests of people in other countries too».

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