Western Sahara : The Polisario sends two delegations to Germany and Italy

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A Polisario delegation in Germany. / Ph. DR

During this week, the Polisario Front sent two of its delegations to Europe to attend a series of meetings in both Germany and Italy, the Front’s press agency reported.

According to the same source, the president of «the Front’s Sahrawi National Council» Khatri Addouh headed a delegation sent to Germany to discuss «ways of strengthening solidarity on the Western Sahara conflict within the parliament».

This visit was also an opportunity for the Polisario’s delegation to «urge the German government to play a positive role in the peace process led by the UN».

In Germany, Khatri Addouh held a meeting with MPs from the Committee on Human Rights and Humanitarian Aid and addressed the humanitarian situation in the camps.

Meanwhile, Minattou Lerbbas met with the Italian Parliament's Committee on Foreign Affairs and discussed the human rights situation in the Sahara and the recent developments of the territorial conflict.

For the record, these two delegations flew to Europe two weeks after the UN Security Council adopted resolution 2468 on Western Sahara.

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