Cats gave the John Wick 3 filming crew a hard time in Morocco

Keanu Reeves, Halle Berry and the Belgian malinois during the shooting of a scene. /Ph. DR
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While its official release in the United States is scheduled for May 17, the film John Wick 3 was subjected to peculiar situations during its shooting. On Saturday, director Chad Stahelski described one of the anecdotes that took place in Essaouira, Morocco.

«The Moroccans are not big on canines. Love a f---ing cat, though», he tells Entertainment Weekly. He recalled that when he went to scout the area in the winter, there were not many cats. But when «we show up to shoot (…) there were literally a thousand cats, okay? And these cats (…) they’re not afraid of anything», he says.

The director reveals that the team had to build gigantic cages to house the cats during filming, and that they had to feed them : «we were probably feeding more cats than people on set», the movie director recalls.

But while «Belgian Malinois» were to appear alongside Halle Berry, these animals were distracted by cats.

«You want that dog focused on what he’s supposed to bite, and what he’s not supposed to bite. Hit the mark, right? And there’s ten cats walking around and you’re going, 'Oh, Jesus. Oh, Jesus' You’re sitting behind the monitor going, 'what’s the dog looking at? What’s the dog looking at? Oh my god oh my god, he’s going to bite — Argh!' It got a little crazy between cat-wrangling, and dog-wrangling, and people-wrangling.»

Chad Stahelski

But the director says that it «was kind of fun» and that despite the unexpected cat invasion in Morocco, «John Wick : Parabellum» is a success in the movie theaters. The film is expected to gross between $ 30 million and $ 40 million during its opening weekend.

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