Irish police identify suspect for fatal stabbing of Moroccan teenager in Dublin

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The Park where a Moroccan teenager was stabbed to death. / Ph. RTE

Irish police (Gardai) announced, Monday, that they have identified the suspect, linked to the death of a Moroccan teenager stabbed, Friday, in a park in Dundrum, a suburb of the Irish capital, the Irish Times reports.

Garda sources told the newspaper that they believe a south Dublin teenager is the suspect for the stabbing that took the life of Azzam Raguragui, adding that they have already been in contact with his family.

The suspect has not been arrested yet, but a teenager who said he was with Reguragui during the stabbing presented himself at a Garda station on Saturday and had been assisting the police since then.

According to the same source, the suspect is connected to a group of men who have been involved in «serious violence, including assaulting members of the Garda». Detectives revealed that teenagers who were there when Reguragui was stabbed took a video of the fight.  

For the record, the 18-year-old drew his last breath at the St James’s Hospital in Dublin after he was mortally wounded at Finsbury Park, Dundrum, at about 8.10 pm.

According to Gardai, the Irish police, Raguragui received an «apparent stab wound». The body of the deceased is currently undergoing a postmortem, Irish Deputy State Pathologist Linda Mulligan said. The same source reveals that detectives rule out a racially motivated crime.

Speaking to the Irish newspaper, a Muslim organization known as the Irish Sufi Foundation said that Raguragui was «a kind, courteous, respectful and cheerful young man who always had a smile on his face».

«He was bright, talented and ambitious with aspirations to become a successful entrepreneur», the same organization said in a statement.

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