China promotes its tea through a conference in Morocco

Hunan, a Province in China known for tea production. / Ph. DR
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A conference to promote Chinese tea production in the Kingdom was held, Monday, in Casablanca and was attended by government officials and tea merchants, Chinese international English-language news channel CGTN reported.

The Hunan Tea Promotion Conference, named after one of the largest tea production provinces in China, was attended by Hunan Province’s vice governor Sui Zhongcheng. The latter hoped that «tea merchants from Hunan and Morocco will know each other via the conference and work together to bring more tea from Hunan to the Moroccan market».

Meanwhile, president of the Association of Moroccan Tea Professionals Mohamed Astaib said that «Morocco is China’s largest tea export market» as the product is part of Moroccans' culture.

Indeed, about one fifth of China’s total tea exports in 2018 were sent to Morocco, the China Tea Marketing Association revealed.

The association revealed that out of the 364,742 tons of tea China exported last year, 77,562 tons were imported by the Kingdom, thanks to the Chinese government’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

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