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Sahara : A pro-Polisario NGO slams a British company that operates in Laayoune

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Pro-Polisario NGO Adala UK sent an open letter to British company Biwater, criticizing the way in which it presented its projects in Laayoune.

In the letter, published Tuesday, Adala UK said that it is aware of the fact that Biwater, which provides long-term sustainable water infrastructure solutions for communities, has been operating in the Sahara, through a tweet published on March the 29th.

On Twitter Biwater announced that it was honored to «host Hamdi Ould Errachid, Mayor of Laayoune, at the wastewater treatment facility in Laayoune for the Office National de l’Electricité et de l’Eau Potable (ONEE)».

Biwater said that its «plant will play a key role in improving sanitation for this region of Southern Morocco».

Adala UK accused Biwater of calling the region «southern Morocco» in its statement published in July, 2017, when the company was «awarded a contract to deliver vital wastewater infrastructure for the city of Laayoune».

While welcoming the work of Biwater, the British NGO stressed that the project in question is «not in Southern Morocco but in the area of Western Sahara». Adala UK urged Biwater in its letter to describe Laayoune «as being a city in Western Sahara».  

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