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Belgium : Morocco's Hassan Bousetta runs for European elections

Moroccan-Belgian politician and researcher Hassan Bousetta. / Ph. DR
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As a member of the Belgian Socialist party, Moroccan-Belgian Hassan Bousetta is running for European elections, schedueled for May 26. The university professor is third in the Socialist list.

According to a press release sent Thursday to Yabiladi through a support committee backing Bousetta's candidacy.

"We are at a crossroads in the building of the European Union. The rise of populism and extremism places Europe between two fundamental policy choices, either retract to conservatism or maintain strong commitment to open policy and society, democracy, fundamental rights and public freedom", wrote the committee in six languages.

Hassan Bousetta is a university researcher on migration and the author of several books on issues related to migrants and the protection of their rights. He has joined numerous initiatives on human rights.

"We wish to strengthen the voice of the Democrats in the competition of the next European Hemicycle and are conviced that the election of Hassan Bousetta would be an added value to the group of progressives", said the committee, calling "for our friends in Belgium and our Belgian friends living abroad to support the candidacy of Hassan Bousetta".

100 signatories from 11 countries have supported Bousetta's candidacy, including Driss El Yazami, Fatiha Saidi, Kamal Chibli, ...

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