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Standup comedian Amine Radi beaten by a policeman in the middle of a Facebook livestream

Moroccan standup comedian Amine Radi hit by a policeman. / Ph. DR
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Moroccan standup comedian Amine Radi said that he was beaten, Saturday in Casablanca, by a policeman during a Facebook livestream. In a video shared online, Radi said that a policeman stopped him while he was driving his car in the city, calling him a «donkey», breaking his sunglasses, and hitting him in the face.

While talking to his phone camera through a Facebook live, the comedian who lives in France was dropped to the ground by the same policeman, who asked him to stop filming.

Amine Radi said that policemen were trying to collect people around, while he was filming, to make them «testify against him».

In a press release, published on the same day, judicial police in Casablanca announced that an investigation was opened to determine the circumstances of the incident livestreamed on social media, Saturday.

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