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Print-on-demand marketplace Redbubble criticized for selling «Allah» miniskirts

Redbubble sells skirts with Allah printed on them. / Ph. BBC
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Global online marketplace for print-on-demand products Redbubble has been criticized for putting miniskirts with the word «Allah» printed on them for sale, BBC says.

The website was asked to remove these skirts, on sale for £25, as they were seen as «provoking» and «distasteful». However, some of them were still on the Redbubble on Tuesday morning, the same source said.

According to Tell MAMA, an organization that reports anti-Muslim incidents in the United Kingdom, the items on Redbubble could be «inflammatory to communities», namely to Muslims.

The organization’s director Iman Atta told BBC that «whilst traders may want to carry on selling such items, does it really make them profit for them or just gain notoriety?»

«Alternatively, we must also say that traders, writers and artists have the right to push boundaries and these are the tensions that exist in society. We need to be aware of them», she added.

Back in January, e-commerce company Amazon was slammed as well for trying to sell bathroom and outdoor mats featuring verses from the Quran and the word Allah.

After Amazon was notified about the «offensive» items, it received other complaints from people stating that it has toilet covers with the Quran printed on them for sale.

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