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Salvini says Italy’s ports must be «armored» after a Moroccan was arrested over deadly fire

Italy's Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini. / Ph. DR
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After police arrested a Moroccan minor in connection with a deadly arson, Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini said that all ports in his country and in Europe must be «armored», Newsweek reported.

Salvini, who is also Italy’s Interior Minister, referred to an arson attack that affected a police station in Mirandola, in Northern Italy. Two people were killed in the fire while others were injured. A Moroccan minor suspected of being behind the attack was arrested, Slavini said.

«Ports must be armored, in Italy and throughout», Salvini said in a Facebook post. «The Moroccan immigrant who with his bestiality caused the death of two women, 4 seriously injured and dozens of poisoned is a minor? I don't care, [he will] pay all the way for his bestiality!» Salvini said on a second Facebook post.

The Moroccan suspect arrested by the Italian authorities had a criminal record and was awaiting deportation.

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