Three Moroccan NGOs disapprove of the Deal of the Century and Kushner's trip to Rabat

Three Moroccan associations have disapproved of US senior advisor Jared Kushner’s visit to the Kingdom, citing the Deal of the Century and the Palestinian cause. The three pro-Palestine NGOs will be holding a sit-in Friday in Rabat to denounce the plan orchestrated by the US.

Donald Trump's Senior Advisor Jared Kushner. / Ph. DR
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Three Moroccan associations called for a sit-in in front of the parliament to protest against the visit of US President Donald Trump’s senior advisor Jared Kushner to Morocco and voice their opposition to the Israeli-Palestinian peace plan.  

In a joint communiqué, the National Action Group for Palestine, the Moroccan Association for the Support of the Palestinian Struggle and the Moroccan Commission for the Support of the Nation’s Issues announced that the sit-in is scheduled for Friday at 10 pm in Rabat.

Their announcement came as King Mohammed VI offered an Iftar in honor of Kushner who is visiting the Kingdom alongside Trump’s special envoy for international negotiations Jason Greenblatt and special Iran envoy Brian Hook.

Kushner’s trip to Morocco is «part of [the Trump’s administration’s] efforts to achieve peace between Israel and the Palestinians», a White House official told AP on Tuesday.

Bahrain's conference and Kushner's visit

Reacting to this trip, Khalid Sefiani from the National Action Group for Palestine said that Friday’s sit-in is expected to voice Moroccans’ position regarding the US peace plan, known also as the «Deal of the Century». «We refuse to have Kushner in Morocco as he is considered as a partner of the Israeli entity in its crimes against the Palestinian people», Sefiani told Yabiladi on Wednesday.

To the pro-Palestine activist, the sit-in will, mainly, be against the Deal of the Century. «We want to show that Moroccans refuse this plan and disapprove of the international conference organized by the US and Israel», he said, referring to an international meeting that will be held in Bahrain in July to unveil the economic portion of the US peace plan. 

According to Sefiani, the three associations will also be urging the Moroccan government on Friday to «boycott Bahrain’s conference and disapprove of the US plan». «We will also be calling the government to advise other Arab nations against attending» said conference.

The president of the Moroccan Commission for the Support of the Nation’s Issues Abdessamad Fathi shares the same opinion. Speaking to Yabiladi, he explained that the sit-in is meant to denounce Kushner’s visit to Morocco.

Fathi believes that Trump’s senior advisor is the «godfather of the Deal of the Century, orchestrated by the US to end the Palestinian cause by forgetting about the major principles of the conflict», he argued.

According to the activist, Bahrain’s infamous conference will be the «first step for the implementation of this plan». Joining forces with Sefiani, Fathi said that his association will be calling, through this sit-in, Morocco and other Arab nations to «not get involved in this plan and remain faithful to the Palestinian cause».

Meanwhile, president of the Moroccan Association for the Support of the Palestinian Struggle Mohamed Benjelloun Al Andaloussi said that Trump’s son-in-law is in Morocco to «convince the country into attending Bahrain’s conference». To him, Kushner is «insulting Arab and Muslim countries and the United Nations’ bodies that have been addressing that Palestinian cause».

Al Andaloussi said that the associations participating in the sit-in will be «waiting for the official position of Morocco», adding that the «Palestinian cause shouldn’t be a game».

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