Quran desecrated in two mosques in Germany

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Two mosques were attacked during the weekend in two German states, namely Hesse and Bremen.

According to Abna24, these attacks targeted a mosque in the city of Kassel, that is run by the Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs in Hesse and the Rahman mosque in Bremen. The attacks were also confirmed by Turkish press agency Anadolu.  

Many pages of the Quran were torn apart, scattered on the floor of the Rahman mosque and thrown into the toilets at the place of worship. Photos of the mosque were shared online .

Seyfettin Eryörük, head of the Kassel Central Mosque Foundation, said the attack took place early in the morning before prayers began. Prosecutors opened an investigation into the incidents. No casualties have been reported.

Last week, the Fatih mosque managed by the Turkish-Islamic Union DITIB in Dresden, Germany, was also attacked by unidentified people, reports TRT.

Last year, the terrorist group PYD / PKK and far-left organizations claimed responsibility for dozens of attacks on mosques, associations and Turkish shops in various cities, including Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Aachen, Abna 24 concluded.

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