A Moroccan man sentenced to life in Turkey for killing an Iraqi national

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Two Iraqis and a Moroccan national were sentenced, Wednesday, for killing Iraqi businessman Ahmed Mawlood Muhammad in 2016. According to Daily Sabah, the Iraqi man was kidnapped by three suspects for ransom as he was staying in Turkey to set up a currency exchange office in Istanbul.

The three men murdered him and threw his dismembered body on the roadside, the same newspaper revealed.

The three defendants, Mahmoud Khalaf Suleiman, Farouk Abdullah Hmod al-Dulaimi and Tariq Moutil, appeared in an Istanbul court on Wednesday. Although they rejected accusations, the court found them guilty of murder, kidnapping and robbery.

The three suspects pretended that they wanted to help the victim set up a business in Turkey. They kidnapped him on July 3, 2016, and shot him. The man bled to death in a villa in Istanbul. They later asked for a ransom of $10 million from his family before dismembering him, Daily Sabah reported, quoting the prosecutor.

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