Algerian rapper Soulking apologizes after raising «SADR» flag in a concert in Bilbao

Algerian rapper Soulking. / Ph . DR
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Algerian rapper Soolking was at the heart of a new controversy after raising the flag of the self-proclaimed «Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic» (SADR) during a concert in Bilbao, Spain. The singer was performing his song «Liberté», when he carried the separatist flag.

Criticized by his Moroccan fans on social media, the singer felt that he had to explain himself. «I did not know it was the Western Sahara flag, I thought it was that of Palestine», he argued. «It was on the floor, I couldn’t just leave it there», he said, recalling that other artists have «raised it alongside flags of Algeria and Morocco».

«We are all Muslims and Maghrebians. We must not get into political issues because I understand nothing to that», he concluded.  

On his Twitter account, the singer denounced comments that divide Morocco and Algeria. «I apologize to my Moroccan brothers, from the bottom of my heart even if I did not do it on purpose», he wrote.

For the record, «SADR» flag was also featured in the official Afcon song published ahead of the tournament held in Egypt. The Egyptian football federation apologized to Moroccans about the «mistake».

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