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Morocco to lose 19.000 full-time jobs to heat stress by 2030

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The economy and productivity of the world’s poorest countries will be the most impacted by an increase in heat stress at work, the United Nations’ International Labor Organization (ILO) concluded.

In a report published Monday, June 1st, UN experts revealed that countries around the world will lose the «equivalent of 80 million full-time jobs» by 2030 because of heat stress, indicating that «the total cost of these losses will be $2.4 trillion every year».

In Morocco, ILO expects the percentage of lost working hours due to heat stress to reach 0.39% in agriculture, 0.14% in industry, 0.39% in construction and 0.02% in the services sector.

Overall, UN experts indicate that the working hours lost to heat stress will affect 0.16% of Morocco’s economy by 2030. The Kingdom is expected to lose 19,000 full-time jobs to heat stress by 2030, the same source said. In North Africa, Morocco remains less affected than Sudan, as well as Algeria.

«The impact of heat stress on labor productivity is a serious consequence of climate change», Chief of Unit in the ILO’s Research department Catherine Saget said, adding : «We can expect to see more inequality between low and high-income countries and worsening working conditions for the most vulnerable».

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