A 2015 video shot in Morocco shared as an «attack» on Muslim woman in India

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A video showing a woman wearing burka hijab and being «assaulted» by a group of men has went viral in India. Depicted as an incident that took place in the south Asian country, said video was shot in Morocco in 2015, according to a fact-checking article published Monday by The Quint, an Indian newspaper that tackles misinformation in media.

Debunking claims suggesting that the «assault» targted a Muslim woman in India, the same source stated that after «breaking down the video into key frames using the Google Chrome Invid extension, we found out that the video is from Morocco».

Indeed, the video was published on October 27, 2015, and stirred outrage in the Kingdom. It shows a woman who was attacked by a group of teenagers who threw water, eggs and flour on her. The incident took place on Ashura, a holiday celebrated on the tenth day of Muḥarram.

The same source indicates that media reports, from 2015, stressed that the video was shot in Casablanca and that «the boys were not harassing the girl but were just having ‘fun’».

Quoting news portal Observers.France24, the same source said that these boys said in a different video that «the girl was like their sister» and that «the girl corroborated the boys version as well».

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