Most of Germans see Islam as a threat, a study finds

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Many Germans have expressed concern over Islam, a new study finds. Conducted by the Bertelsmann Foundation, the interview survey revealed, Thursday, that Islam is perceived in a negative way, German broadcaster DW reports.

According to the same source, half of the interviewees «perceived Islam as a threat». 30% in eastern Germany said they do not want Muslim neighbors, while 16% of respondents in Western Germany said the same.

Commenting on the findings of the survey, Aiman Mazyek from the Central Council of Muslims in Germany told DW that he «expected the worse». To him, «the propaganda of right-wing extremists and populists» is to be blamed for this.

«Despite the unending presence of an anti-Islam narrative in media and politics, 50% do not see Islam negatively», he added.

It is worth noting that around 5 million Muslims live in Germany, DW concluded.

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