Losing ground in Latin America, the Polisario seeks the support of Ecuador

What if Ecuador drops recognition of «SADR» ? This scenario sounds scary for the Polisario which has been losing ground in Latin America. To avoid such whatifs, the Front sent one of its representatives to Ecuador’s capital Quito to meet the president of its parliament.

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Ecuador President Lenin Moreno. / Ph. DR

After appointing a new «ambassador» to Bolivia, the Polisario is seeking the support of Ecuador, a country in South America. The separatist movement sent its «Minister Delegate to Latin America» Omar Mansour to Quito. The latter was received, Tuesday, by the President of the Ecuadorian National Assembly Thessar Litorado at the headquarters of the Ecuadorian Parliament, SPS reports.

The same Ecuadorian official took a photo with Morocco’s Upper House Speaker Hakim Benchamach in June in Quito. The meeting between the two men was relayed by Moroccan media and depicted as a «diplomatic victory» for the Kingdom

In Quito, the Front’s representative did not meet Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno, who took office in May, 2017. The latter had a busy schedule, touring Europe. He landed Tuesday in Italy, held talks with French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris and is expected to visit the Netherlands in the coming days.

Through his trip to Europe, Moreno is trying to convince officials in Rome, Paris and Amsterdam into investing in his country. Since taking office, the center-left politician has broken up with the policy of his predecessor Rafael Correa. His country is in the need of foreign investments to boost its economy.

The Polisario loses ground in Latin America

Moreno’s opponents, including Ecuador’s former President, accuse him of conducting a «liberal counter-revolution» and of getting closer to the United States.

«This change (in Ecuador) could be highly beneficial for Morocco, especially as the two countries share the same approach when it comes to the situation in Venezuela», a diplomatic source told Yabiladi. Indeed, the leader of the opposition movement in Caracas Juan Guaido was supported in March by Moreno.

For the record, earlier in June, El Salvador President Nayib Bukele said on his Twitter account that San Salvador has withdrawn its recognition of «SADR». The decision was announced after Foreign Affairs Minister Nasser Bourita visited the country as part of a tour to Latin America.

Days later, Barbados announced that it withdrew recognition of «SADR», during a visit conducted by the country’s Prime Minister Mia Mottley to Morocco.

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