Moroccan model Imane Fadil reportedly died from natural causes, autopsy finds

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Moroccan model Imane Fadil. / Ph. DR

Morocco-born model Imane Fadil died from natural causes, probably because of a violent and devastating illness that took her life in one month. The analysis shows that she had a neoplasm, which could have affected her bone marrow. The disease was not identified during her hospitalization, according to Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

Nearly five months after the death of the ex-model of Moroccan origin, who is also one of the main witnesses in the Ruby trial against Silvio Berlusconi, the first results of the long autopsy rule out the poisoning hypothesis.

The judicial investigation team appointed by prosecutors Luca Gaglio and Antonia Pavan, which began their work on 16 March, is expected to have completed their tasks next week with the submission of the final results. They will have to clarify the causes of the Moroccan's death, which occurred on March 1 at the Humanitas clinic in Rozzano, after nearly a month of hospitalization.

For the record, Imane Fadil told her family and former lawyer days before her death that she might have been poisoned. After tests revealed that the key witness in the «bunga bunga» trial had high levels of heavy metals in her body, other findings excluded the presence of radioactive substances in her body.

Imane Fadil was one of the three young women who said that Silvio Berlusconi's «bunga bunga» gatherings in his villa near Milan were sordid sex parties.

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