IMF wants Morocco to continue with its exchange rate flexibility reforms

The International Monetary Fund. / Ph. DR
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The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has urged Morocco in a consultation report to ensure the transition to greater exchange rate flexibility.

The report, made public Tuesday, stressed that the Kingdom must «use the current window of opportunity to continue this reform», which will «help the economy absorb potential external shocks and remain competitive».

IMF’s report hailed Morocco’s macroeconomic policies and commended the reforms implemented to «improve the resilience of the Moroccan economy and increase its diversification».

However, IMF experts warned against risks that might hinder the Moroccan economy’s growth, urging the country to «sustain the pace of structural reforms to move toward a more private-sector-led and inclusive growth model while reducing inequalities and protecting the most vulnerable».

The assessment has also addressed the educational sector, with IMF directors emphasizing the need of revamping «labor market policies and implementing education reforms to help create job opportunities, especially for women and youth».

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