Spain can now expel jihadists based on reports conducted by its intelligent services

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The Audiencia Nacional, a centralized court in Spain with jurisdiction over all of the Spanish territory, has authorized the expulsion of Moroccan nationals seen as a danger on national security based on confidential reports provided by the Spanish official intelligence agency (CNI).

The decision was taken after Moroccan Imam Yassine Lafraiki filed an appeal against his expulsion, El Pais reported on Tuesday. The Spanish authorities used a report by said agency to justify the expulsion of Lafraiki.

The latter, was sent to Morocco for «glorifying a Wahhabi and Salafist ideology». He wanted to build an Islamic center in Corella, which is home to more than 550 Muslims.

However, based on an investigation, it turned out that one of the main investors to contribute to the building of that center is an NGO called «Society of the Revival of the Islamic Heritage». The latter is part of the UN’s black list containing organizations linked to terrorist bodies such as Al Qaeda and «ISIS».

Arrested on February the 5th, and then jailed in Madrid, the imam was handed over to the Moroccan authorities on March the 6th at the Beni Ansar border post. He is prohibited from entering Spain during the ten coming years.

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