Italy : Moroccans are part of third largest foreign community in Sicily

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Sicily, Italy. / Ph. DR

Romanian, Tunisian and Moroccan nationals are on the top of the list of foreign communities settled down in Sicily, an Italian region and the largest Mediterranean island.

According to a report on migration conducted by the Institute of Political Education «Pedro Arrupe» and presented in Palermo, in January 2018, 193,014 foreign nationals lived in Sicily.

«They are mainly Romanians (30% of the foreign community in Sicily), followed by Tunisians (10.5%) and Moroccans (7.8%)», the study, quoted by Italian news agency ANSA, revealed.

The largest community in Sicily, outside the European Union, remains that of Tunisians, with 17,988 people who obtained a resident permit, followed by Moroccans (13,827).

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