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Huelva : A rally to support Morocco’s female workers

A rally in Huelva to denounce the working conditions of female workers in the fields. / Ph. DR
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To denounce the working conditions of Moroccan workers in Huelva, Collective 24h Women took part Friday in the Cravana Abriendo Fronteras which stopped in southwestern Spain to defend the rights of agriculturals workers. 

The initiative included several rallies, held in several Spanish cities to support the cause of agricultural workers in the region, especially female fruit pickers who come from Morocco to Spain every year to work.

The caravan stopped in Huelva, where more than 300 people chanted slogans about the situation of seasonal workers in the fields, especially those coming from Morocco. The rally made reference to the female workers who denounced sexual abuse and harassment last year in Huelva.

An ethics plan on social responsibility was drafted and handed over to the companies concerned. Implemented since August 2018, the measure aims at preventing sexual offences through gender training and the hiring of cultural mediators.

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