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Morocco-Uganda rapprochement : The Polisario publishes a letter from an Ugandan NGO

Polisario leader Brahim Ghali. / Ph. DR
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After Morocco and Uganda, which recognizes «SADR», announced that they will be strengthening their diplomatic ties, the Polisario responded in its way, publishing a letter sent by a pro-Polisario Ugandan NGO.

On Wednesday, the Front’s news agency SPS relayed the letter sent by the President of the Pan-African club Oscar Cassia which he addressed to the Front on Monday to «express his organization’s solidarity with the Saharawi people».

«We wish to reiterate our position that we stand with you and we will always stand with you because the world knows you are innocent but your crime are your lucrative phosphates from which Morocco illegally earns millions of USD each year, your fisheries and other minerals», the letter added.

By the same token, Oscar Kasya affirmed that his organization «would like in a spirit of African solidarity to condemn in the strongest terms, the unmerited repression, murder, exploitation and oppression exercised against Sahrawis by the Moroccan occupation».

The letter even refers to the riots that took place on July 19 in Laayoune, endorsing the thesis presented by the Polisario.

The letter sent by the Ugandan NGO comes after Ugandan lawyer and politician Rebecca Kadaga Alitwala, who is also the Speaker of the East African country’s parliament, visited Morocco.

During this visit the influential figure accepted to listen and understand the position of Morocco on the Western Sahara issue. She had even held a meeting in Rabat with the chairman of the Royal Advisory Council for Saharan Affairs (CORCAS) Khalihenna Ould Errachid, during which they discussed the latest developments of the Western Sahara question.

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