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Danone’s second quarter sales accelerate after winning back the market in Morocco

Centrale Danone. / Ph. DR
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French multinational food-products corporation Danone is slowly but surely recovering from the consumer boycott that affected its sales in Morocco.

The company based in Paris and founded in Barcelona announced, Thursday, that its sales growth gathered speed in the second quarter in all its business lines, Reuters reports.

Danone said that this «acceleration from 0.8% growth in the first quarter» comes as its «sales were hit by (…) a consumer boycott in Morocco», the British news agency wrote.

The results made public by the food firm exceeded expectations, the same source said, adding that in Morocco dairy sales growth reached 10% as the company’s Centrale Danone unit «won back market».

Earlier in 2019, Danone announced that the viral boycott campaign launched online by Moroccans in 2018 affected its profits and sales.

Danone revealed, at the time, that its net profit decreased by 4.1 percent to 2.35 billion euros in 2018 and that its sales fell by 2.1 percent in the last three months of last year, «driven by a 35 percent plunge in Morocco».

For the record, in April 2018, Moroccans launched a boycott campaign to protest against the high cost of living.

Boycotters targeted three major companies, including the country’s leading fuel distributor Afriquia SMDC, the French company’s Moroccan subsidiary (Central Danone), and mineral water company Oulmes which issued a profit warning, impacted by the viral campaign.

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