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The Polisario thanks Cuba for «its historic position» on the «Sahara issue»

Mohamed Salem Ould Salek send a letter to the Cuban Minister of Foreign Affairs. / Ph. DR
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Days after Cuba appointed an ambassador to Morocco, the Polisario Front rushed into sending the Cuban government a letter. On the 6th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution, the Front’s representative Mohamed Salem Ould Salek addressed a letter to the Cuban Foreign Minister.

In his letter, Ould Salek thanked Cuba for its «position and unconditional solidarity with the Sahrawi people», stressing that the separatist movement is ready to «strengthen historical ties» with the Cuban people.

This step comes as La Havana appointed Javier Domokos Ruiz as an ambassador to the Kingdom of Morocco, diplomatic sources in Rabat told Spanish news agency EFE this week.

For the record, Morocco and Cuba resumed diplomatic relations on April 21, 2017, ending 37 years of rupture.

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