Scholarship students «removed» by police after protesting at the Liberian embassy in Morocco

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Liberian students at their country's embassy in Rabat. / Ph. DR

A group of Liberian students, sent by their government to study in Morocco, were reportedly dispersed by the Moroccan police, Thursday, after they staged a protest at the Liberian embassy in Rabat, Liberian daily newspaper FrontPageAfrica reported.

They gathered at the premises of the Liberian diplomatic mission after their government failed to send them «their allowances for the past 10 months».

«Some went with their belongings including mattresses and suitcase – saying they’ve been thrown out and have nowhere else to go since they cannot afford to pay the rent», the newspaper reported.

The students, who say that they are unable to pay rent, were forced to leave one day after the start of their protest. According to the same source, «Moroccan police stormed the embassy and forcefully drove them from the premises».

«After hungry and dislodged students slept on the ground in the premises of the embassy seeking refuge after their removal from their apartments, the ambassador finally wrote two communications to the Moroccan National Police instructing them to forcefully remove students from embassy’s premises», John Saylay Singbea, the leader of the protesting students told FrontPageAfrica. 

The latter, which obtained a footage from the events, said that it failed to reach the Liberian ambassador to get his version of the story.

According to Liberian newspaper Daily Observer, the group of students were sent to Morocco after the signing of a memorandum of understanding. The latter agreed to grant these students «US$300 for each student’s bills, including rental fee for an apartment, electricity, water, transportation, and feeding».

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