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Lima : Morocco to attend a conference on Democracy in Venezuela chaired by John Bolton

Juan Guaido, interim president. / Ph. DR
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The Peruvian capital is hosting, Tuesday, the international conference for Democracy in Venezuela. The meeting is organized by the Lima group, a multilateral body of 14 countries created in August 2017 to establish a peaceful exit to the Crisis in Venezuela.

59 countries will be participating to the meeting in Lima. Others have rejected the invitation sent to them in June, including Russia, China and Turkey. The Lima group has initially invited 100 countries to the conference.

Morocco is one of the countries that have agreed to attend the meeting in Peru. As a country that recognizes Venezuela’s Juan Guaido as an «interim president», the Kingdom is invited to attend a special meeting convened by the countries that made the same decision, Infobae reports.

For the record, a «special envoy» sent by Venezuela’s self-proclaimed interim to Rabat was officially received by the Moroccan government in his first official mission to the Kingdom.

Jose Ignacio Guedez was at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in July to attend a meeting alongside diplomats accredited by Rabat. He was appointed by Guaido three months ago.

The diplomat considered by Rabat as a «special envoy» attended his first official activity in Morocco, after the Kingdom announced earlier this year that it supports the Guaido regime.

Attending the meeting, headed by John Bolton, will allow Morocco to get closer to the National Security Advisor of the United States, one of the most influential in the Trump administration. 

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