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Tindouf : Two of the three Sahrawi activists rushed to the hospital

The three Sahrawi activists arrested in Tindouf. / Ph. DR
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A source close to the families of Sahrawi activists jailed in Tindouf said, Monday, that two of them were transferred to the hospital, due to their deteriorating health condition.

According to Futuro Sahara, Mahmoud Zeidan and Moulay Abba Bouzeid were reportedly rushed to the hospital. At the hospital, the medical team tried to make them stop their hunger strike but they refused and were «sent back to Dhaibiya prison, without getting medical treatment», the same source said.

The pro-Polisario platform recalls that the three activists have been behind the bars for 47 days. «No charges have been filed against them yet and the words of the Attorney General were different from the ones of the Polisario Front representative in New York when he spoke to Human Rights Watch», the same source said.

On Monday, the same source quoted the families of the three Saharwis who said that detainee’s health condition has deteriorated. It reported that they have been on a hunger strike for several days to protest to protest against their arrest and call for a fair trial.

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